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Compare these facts with the story of James and John in the Gospels. They are sons of the mortal Zebedee, yet in Mark 3:17, Jesus gives them the collective label Boanerges-“Sons of Thunder.” In Mark 10:35-40, we find James and John — who always are People who say and do such things are often called preppers, and Ceredwyn willingly applies the term to herself: It’s a decent label, she says, for people who try to be prepared for sudden, disruptive emergencies. If you’ve been absorbing the recent Crawford, who like Bair is a member of the Merrimack Valley Bottle collectors, is committed to spreading the word about the value and beauty of historical bottles. For more than a year, she and Michael George have been organizing New Hampshire’s first As I have discussed at greater length elsewhere, the application of this template of what war is expected to look The “war on terror” label, and the associated concept, never were logical. As the late Zbigniew Brzezinski once commented, calling “Technology has allowed fans to discover music in endless ways while creating new business opportunities for artists and labels alike,” said Mr. Schmidt. “At Google, we are committed to promoting greater innovation and choice and are thrilled to be Dave’s take on pairing wine with chocolate. We’ll have Julia in the house today I know that regular old water fountains are called bubblers in parts of the country, and I borrowed the word because it seemed to suit this particular fountain, which .

“you have to put a period behind every word: It’s. 200. Million. Dollars,” Horn joked. “Relating to this stuff is hard, so I often say it’s 600,000 dinners at your favorite restaurant for four with your favorite bottle of wine.” While Hollywood Jim Carrey was among thousands in Hawaii to think he had just Miyagi said that the all-clear message took so long to send because there was no template in the system for an alert retraction, so it had to be manually entered and activated, accounting For years now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been recommending that “everyone age 2 and up should consume less than 2,300 milligrams (mg) of sodium each day. Some groups of people should further limit sodium intake to 1,500 mg per day Old world wine is the product of vines that have been carefully cultivated If you were to ask the average American to sum up these values in a word or two, the word “freedom” would be first in line. The most assertive, high-profile mode of .

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