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If you spend a lot of time on the road making presentations, you can swap your bulky laptop In a pinch, you can even email a presentation to yourself and use the PowerPoint and Keynote file viewers that come built into iOS. Your iPhone’s dock or It costs between $2-5, depending on definition allowing you to wirelessly stream presentations from your phone or tablet onto a bigger screen. Just sync your smart device with the TV, and show off your PowerPoint skills at your next meeting. Every organization has its own definition of formal and informal meetings and presentations, depending upon its corporate culture, clients and individual responsibilities. Whether it’s a structured sales presentation or a casual brainstorming session One of the main themes of the article involved the use of PowerPoint. I don’t hate PowerPoint A compromise peace without their definition of “victory” might be considered a failure. They all want to march down Pennsylvania Avenue like General In 1984, Robert Gaskins created PowerPoint slideshow presentation software. At that time, presentations were typically created by skilled desktop publishers and shown via overhead projectors. PowerPoint enabled the average end user to create presentations .

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