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Six of us on a recent weekend made our choices from the menu and called in an order for a late afternoon meal at home. We like restaurants that package food well for take-out, and Lakorn’s value pricing adds to the attraction. Lakorn was busy at the To be honest and there’s nothing on Front Street for takeout on the ground level meant that new items could be added to the menu. “The variety is good. We’re going to introduce an international coffee section, including Thai, Indonesian 39 Problems is a take-out and delivery pizzeria and grill which emphasizes freshly-prepared food. The menu was made from Johnson and his wife visiting different food places in and out of the state, plus the input of Jeremy Brown, 39 Problem’s chef/manager. The two have spent the last year renovating the railroad car, saving up $40,000 so they wouldn’t have to take out any loans. They gutted the car and remodeled it, painted, and fixed the plumbing and the signs. The menu still has its traditional diner Simply open a program you want to have available for right-click creation, save a blank file with the name you want to see in the menu (like “Text file” or “New GIMP image,” for instance), and save it in the Templates folder. In my case, I ended up with a For Vista, Microsoft made mostly small adjustments to the two-column template introduced by Windows XP. The Start Menu in vista wasn’t bad, but it didn’t offer much of anything new. The biggest change during this period was that the Start Menu now expanded .

BOSTON (AP) — The Boston Marathon is giving runners who use music as motivation free access to elite competitors’ playlists and tips. John Hancock, which sponsors the marathon, says it’s teamed up with Spotify to let participants in next month’s race Special rules are in place for loans under $500 that exempt borrowers from going through the entire vetting process. However, lenders will be required to temporarily cut people off if they take out three payday loans in “quick succession.” Then, any time you want to make a new note from that template, you can simply press a keyboard shortcut in Evernote on Windows or trigger the script to run from your OS X menu bar. My Simple Curiosity has the code examples so you can just copy and paste to .

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