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If you want to be prompted to select your template each time you start a new file, you have an option. For today’s article, we will focus on the four main elements that you can configure and save in a template. For example, one of the templates will not be removed when uninstalling a specific SOLIDWORKS installation.


Another Picture of solidworks drawing template download:


Note that if you re-open and re-save your model in inkscape, after adding the above line, Inkscape will keep the line but add other elements on the same line, which will cause the model to no longer execute the job. These 3 models offer ready-to-use settings.



When you choose to obtain custom templates, you must first create a folder independent of the SOLIDWORKS installation path. Ideally, other custom templates, such as part and assembly, should be created at the same time as the drawing to use these properties.



You will need to download 3 files. If a file with exactly the same name is in the same folder as the SVG template used for a page, it will be used for the export. After creating a folder for your templates, you must tell SOLIDWORKS where the templates are.



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