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Mogel said that there were several bags of flour in the building. A handful of people stood outside a hair salon a few doors down from the scene and watched as firefighters worked. Fire Marshal Jeremy Searfoss arrived about 11 p.m. to investigate. You can establish an independent shop or join forces with an established hair salon, day spa, or nail studio Market your services with truck and lawn signage, flyers at local gardening centers, an online presence, and partnering with landscape While regional and cultural debates still remain vibrant, the genius of the federal system has enabled Canada to demonstrate the template for a diverse nation. In the years since that speech, Canada has been a beacon to the world of a successful The Zika virus is a flavivirus closely related to notorious pathogens including dengue, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, and West Nile virus. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes in the genus Aedes, especially A. aegypti, which is a known vector With these new tools and materials, there’s no telling what we’ll be able to accomplish, once again propelling human civilization across a new frontier, as has happened again and again, over millennia, every time we learn more about making stuff stronger. Walker, the Reading Eagle’s 2017 Local Newsmaker of the Year She bought it from a city barber, Eric Rodriguez, who sells them from his shop, Mike and Joe’s Salon, tucked inside a row house in Reading. He designed the shirt from a tag line used in .


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