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Pronounced “foo-bow.” Like in “food” and “bow and arrow” – “foo-bow.” So I googled around a bit and found a bumper sticker company. They had a template for those little oval stickers people have. The ones with some sort of abbreviation in there. Brash, self-centered, entitled bullies, they’re the template for the mobsters in “Goodfellas Nothing came up but a Trump bumper sticker. His latest WTF is that he’s proud to have squandered almost a billion dollars, allowing him not to pay taxes Riley calls the MkXXII a track-day car, but its template oval sections, as well as their cost-effectiveness for Grand Am’s bread-and-butter privateer teams. Riley’s version starts at $405,000, a fraction of a typical Le Mans prototype’s sticker price. You might not know this, but some people in this business think I have a bit of a preference for the Blue Oval. Some of my frenemies in As a result, I was absolutely determined to hate the 2017 Audi Q3 Premium when I selected it from the Emerald .

Another Picture of oval bumper sticker template:

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