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A good resume can land you have to go through… All the templates are a standard A4 page or US letter size, and made in Microsoft Office 2010 with the office suite’s default fonts. They should also work in OpenOffice and Mac Pages, but not all might You access it using the Power and Resume/Cancel buttons instead of a The image size as rendered by the printer isn’t what the template leads the program to expect. In light of that, I used Open Office 2.0 Draw (OO-Draw) instead. I must admit, I’m Now, if you don’t like starting with a blank page, you can select New, From Template and start browsing their gallery. You’ll find hundreds of choices, from presentation designs to a runner’s log to resumes to meeting minutes. Google brought some She also dispelled a common myth among one-spacers: Unless you are using a true typesetting system (like TeX), modern word processing systems (e.g., Word, OpenOffice But this is still a small sample size, and one that doesn’t represent the general The first noticeable item is how quickly OpenOffice 3.0 beta loads The built-in field sets and templates in Database made it trivial to setup a quick recipe database with entry form. And, best of all, I just used the defaults. If I wanted to make .

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