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If a person refers you to 5 clients, you have generated a significant amount of new income. So look for a way to give them a part of the foot. Many customers are eager to refer, so be sure to give them a reason. Include data in your restoration contract about how the customer will pay.


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In general, loyal and satisfied customers are more likely to participate in your products and services, including your sponsorship program.If the customer is concerned about the budget, include several pricing options that indicate what you can do for a minimum price and that allows you to help with a small amount of additional money.



A customer may be more willing to pay a higher price or accept some services less if he starts by convincing him that his offer is likely to make his event more memorable. Very often, a potential client will also have to enter and visit the place in advance, which could also be part of the sales process.



My little business card is not a formality. It is the most important network tool I have. Unfortunately, too many business cards just mix the huge amount of hogwash with the cookie cutter.



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