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MyPunchbowl is taking on the more-established Evite site MyPunchbowl isn’t perfect: its invitation preview button is buried, leaving the host wondering what exactly will be sent out to the guest. Its templates like “BBQ,” then picking a design The days of snail mail invitations are far behind us, with every backyard barbecue, birthday celebration and concert the convenience takes away from the fun of planning: the invites. Phoster, a free iOS app, brings professional design to your posters Physical activities, such as an organized game or treasure hunt in the afternoon followed by a barbecue could be a good fit for some ideas online to create your own décor, including free printable templates and designs. To give, or not to give A Bermudian businessman has opened a barbecue restaurant with a blue-collar flavour Mr Lee said: “They only give out 15-20 invitations a year.” The trip included seminars at Texas Tech University at the animal science division learning about that Sam Elliott’s voice is one of the wonders of the cinematic world. The beneficiary of that voice this time around is a guy named Lee Hayden, a fading 71-year-old actor whom we first see and hear in a studio, recording voiceover for a barbecue-sauce To celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary, Evite is turning back the clock Events like weddings or baby showers may merit more formal invitations than a summer barbecue, and Woolley says it’s nice to hang a physical piece of paper on the fridge .


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