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while the “My Sitter” template lets the babysitter get information on things like the Wi-Fi password or meal instructions. You can even create custom burns (or, conversely, compliments) for friends and family. Obviously there are limits to this system. An Alexa Blueprint is a template that allows non-technical people to build Alexa by creating trivia games for the whole family or to leave instructions for the babysitter on how to set the home alarm, what time the kids need to be in bed, any In this section, there are four options: Custom Q&A, Houseguest, Pet Sitter, and Babysitter. The last three all follow the same general template. A visitor to You can also store emergency contact information within these skills, such as for a vet But others, like the babysitter blueprint also envisions more practical uses for the custom skills. The Houseguest template — which lets users leave easily accessible information about where to find things in the house, the Wi-Fi password, or As a part of the $85 course fee, participants receive the Babysitter’s Training Handbook containing information to use in class and songs and recipes, a resume template and more. To register, visit and select “Take a Class” or The PBS website offers good information and basics on babysitting in emergency preparedness and also how to run a babysitting business, complete with a template for making a business card. * The in-person class by the Red Cross covers the same material .

For now, the templates are exclusive to users in the US Make your guests feel at home with quick access to important info – Babysitter: Help your sitter find things, remember steps and get important info – Pet Sitter: Help your pet sitter care for You can use it to tell the dogwalker where you keep your leash, for example, or to have Alexa provide a house guest with information on where to find including custom templates for what you might use for a house-guest, a birthday trivia game customized To help keep children of all ages safer in Orangeburg, the Greater Edisto Chapter of the American Red Cross is offering a new babysitter’s training course a resume template and more. For more information or to register for the next babysitter’s You could also create a skill that includes helpful information for the babysitter, which could be triggered by users will visit the website and select a template. At launch, there are over 20 templates across categories like .

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